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Welcome to Valerie Skemp Decorative Arts Studio

Discover the art of decorative painting and enhance your skills with our professional courses.

Valerie and Archie Skemp are pleased to offer another season of intensive workshops in the decorative arts. It is our aim to teach the designer, painter, and skilled do-it-yourselfer the “tricks-of -the-trade” in this time honoured profession. We are dedicated in presenting and teaching the highest level of course material in a professional and qualified manner.
The workshops at VALERIE SKEMP Decorative Arts Studio are intensive and designed so that subsequent workshops build on the techniques and knowledge of the previous LEVEL I. Classes are constantly up-dated using products friendly to the environment.

VALERIE SKEMP Decorative Arts Studio is the only studio in Western Canada (with 30 years of teaching experience)offering a comprehensive series of classes inprofessional decorative paint finishes. Classes are limited to eight students. With this elite class size each student will receive the attention required to help master the skills and understanding of this time honoured craft and art-form!
We are both extremely proud of all of our students who have further developed the knowledge and techniques they have gained from their studies with us and are doing very beautiful, creative and professionally rewarding work. We thank you and wish you the very best.
Valerie is pleased to see the growing interest in the study of decorative arts. Many flourishing business and schools have since emerged after students have taken classes from Valerie Skemp Decorative Arts Studio. You may recognize some of the businesses in your area, such as Paint Inspirations, The Cats Meow as well as current classes being taught at B.C.I.T. Some of Valerie’s other students have been graduates from Emili Carr as well as professionals in the film industry. Please visit Valerie’s Biography section for more information.

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