Valerie Skemp Decorative Arts Studio


WOODGRAINING WORKSHOP – Faux Bois (pronounced ‘foe bwa’) means false wood. Both false wood and Faux marbre (false marble) have been used for centuries and especially in the 18th Century. Today many exotic woods are endangered species and the art of woodgraining is again being studied. The characteristics of straight graining and heartwood figures of Oak, Mahogany, Bird’s Eye Maple, etc., will be carefully covered. many tools and techniques will be taught, enabling you to recognize and imitate the grain pattern of most exotic (and endangered) woods.


Classes for small groups can be organizedCall for class scheduling

FINE FINISHES FOR PAINTED FURNITURE LEVEL I – The intricate layering of colour and complex antiquing and glazing techniques are the elements of knowledge needed to create beautiful fine finishes for painted furniture. Distressing, glazing, antiquing and inlay finishes will be covered in this class.


April9-10, 2011